Ephesians 4:22-24 – Rotten To The Core

Since, then, we do not have the excuse of ignorance, everything – and I do mean everything – connected with that old way of life has to go. It’s rotten through and through. Get rid of it! And then take on an entirely new way of life – a God-fashioned life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as God accurately reproduces his character in you.”  Eph 4:22-24 (MSG)

Have you spent time with God today?  What are you doing to rid yourself of the old life and develop a life that is God-fashioned?

Is the conduct of your life God’s conduct?

Are you taking on an entirely new way of life?

Paul doesn’t pull any punches here.  He calls it like he sees it.  He isn’t being cruel or mean-spirited.  He’s simply calling those who claim to be Christ-followers to a standard of conduct that is equal to the calling that God has placed on us all.

A friend of mine said that God doesn’t call certain people into ministry.  It’s just that certain people hear him.  He calls us all.  It’s just that many don’t listen.

God has called you to a life of Christ-centered living.  Do you hear it?  Will you respond to that call?


One thought on “Ephesians 4:22-24 – Rotten To The Core

  1. I love that line, “God doesn’t call certain people into ministry, it’s just that certain people hear him.” It’s so true that we sometimes get busy or overly focused on self and then do not hear or listen.


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