Day 153 – A Clear Day

2013.07.24 WednesdayI’m sitting outside under the maple we planted a few years ago in the back yard.  It’s finally getting big enough to cast a nice patch of shade.

It’s an interesting experience.  Before this summer, there was no shade in our back yard until the sun was low in the horizon.  We planted this tree in the hopes that it would provide a little relief from the summer sun in days to come.  That was five years ago.

We had to think ahead to enjoy the benefit of the tree’s arching branches and thick foliage.  We had to anticipate a day that we could enjoy the cool spot in the yard.  It didn’t come quickly.  It didn’t happen over-night.

That is the way with life, isn’t it?  We have to think ahead.  Our actions today may not have results until far down the line.  Today’s seeds are the next generation’s trees.

So what seeds are you planting?  What saplings need your attention?  What maples will provide the relief you seek in days to come?