Day 154 – A Much Needed Break

2013.07.25 ThursdayAnd my vacation starts…NOW!  Actually it started yesterday when I walked out of the office at 1:30.  Of course, I did have to answer a question from one of our research sites and look at a couple documents when I got home but that was it.

So TODAY is the start of my vacation.

And it is a great way to start.  I cleaned the house and packed my bags.  I went to the bank and swept the floors and watered the plants.  I made the list for the kids (who are still living with us and carefully monitoring the house, should you decide this is the perfect time to rob us).

In short, when I left the house and drove to the airport, I was more the prepared and ready.  I was primed for an adventure of a lifetime.

My wife and I haven’t been on a vacation for the two of us for more than 23 years.  Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since we traveled together without additional kids and baggage.  Sure, we’ve had an overnight here and there.  But this is the big one.  This is five days, alone.  Just two of us hitting the road and having fun.

So I pulled into Denver around 8:30 local time and made it to the hotel by 10:00.  And now I’m done.  The first day of my break and it was spent packing and traveling.

But tomorrow…Now THAT promises to be a different story entirely!