Day 158 – Wet Behind the Ears

2013.07.29 MondayToday’s special event was Whitewater Rafting.  We set out from Estes Park High School in an old school bus.  90 minutes later we were receiving our gear.  30 minutes after that we were paddling for our lives (as pictured here).

It was Anita’s first time on a rafting trip and the rapids were only Class II with a couple Class III’s thrown in.  But it was a great time.  You can tell by the smile on the little girl’s face.

We had a great time.  The company was Rapid Transit Rafting of Estes Park and we highly recommend them.  Our bus driver, Gordon and our river guide, Sam were pleasant and fun.  They made the day a real winner.

Perhaps it is all the activity or the mountain air or the fact that we’re on day 5 of our trip, but we’re bushed.  Time for a break and an early night.