Day 161 – Back to the Grind

2013.08.01 ThursdayVacation is over and it is time to return to the business at hand.  I have work.  I have obligations.  I have school to complete and bills to pay.

And so, that is why tonight I’m staying up very, very late to work on my final paper.  I want to have it done.  I want to see it finished.

I’m not an all-nighter kind of guy.  I don’t do well without a little sleep.  But I’ve been so very energized taking this class.  It’s caused me to stay up many nights until nearly midnight, reading, studying, writing and testing.  I’ve learned so much and it is so very applicable to my life.

I often think that the 18 year old Curt would have blown off this class.  It wouldn’t have had the same relevance that it does for me as a 49 year old Curt.  I blew many good opportunities to learn back in my younger years.  Hopefully, three decades later, I will take full advantage of the lessons that can be learned.