Day 162 – Finally Friday

2013.08.02 FridayMy experience leads me to believe that short work weeks are harder than the full five days.  You come into the office expecting to cram five days of work into three days of office time.  It just isn’t possible.  To make matters worse, you have the vacation in the back of your mind. You’re thinking of the mountains, the ocean, the family gathering, the lazy days in your back yard.  Shifting gears to keyboards and quarterly reports is a tough task.

And so, I found myself today in a three-hour teleconference with the NIH members, study teams from Harvard and Yale and daydreaming of being on the back of a horse somewhere in the Colorado Rockies.

It was a long day.  I submitted my final paper, went to dinner with friends from our small group and called it a week:  A week that went from a Rocky Mountain High to an Indiana plateau.  But tomorrow looks better because its another day off.  And who doesn’t like another day off?