Day 163 – Man Hunt

2013.08.03 SaturdayWe left the hardware store and started our drive home.  My friend, Dave and his son Joshua seated next to me, we were surprised to see two police cars rush past us as we made the turn onto highway 38.  As we approached the next intersection, we saw another police man outside his car and looking around some bushes.

As we crested the hill at the edge of town, we were ordered to stop our car by a policeman with his gun drawn.  Four squad cars were parked down the hill.  Two other officers strapped on their assault rifles and one released the police dog from the back seat of his car.

Many other police cars drove past and eventually directed every other civilian automobile to turn around and leave the scene…except for ours.  For some unknown reason to us, the police left us in place.  We were not given permission to move.  We were in the middle of a man hunt and had a front row seat to the action.

David took video, in case shots were fired and our description of events was needed later.  It was very exciting.

And suddenly, traffic started flowing again.  Apparently, the suspect was captured and we were directed to drive around the four police cars and so we headed home.

Of course, our wives doubted our account.  But we knew the truth:  Our quick thinking and good brakes allowed us to help with the capture of a dangerous fugitive of the law.  At least that’s the story we’re telling…and we’re sticking to it.

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