Day 164 – Another Day, Another Film Shoot

2013.08.04 SundayI’m not sure how this has all come about in the past 18 months but it sure has been fun.

I’m starting my fifth film with my fifth director and I can’t wait.

But here is the rub.  I’m really not that good of an actor.  I might be fine for local talent looking for people to spend a few days on set, running the lines and creating a film but overall, I’m just average.  I don’t shine.  I would need many, many hours of practice and coaching to be better at this craft…If I can get better at all.

But isn’t that true with everything we do?  Tennis stars at Wimbledon have a coach on the sidelines.  NBA All Stars have a coach at court-side.  The Colts have a coach drafting plays, sending in the plays, taking the heat for when the team loses and getting credit when they win.

So, I’m not great now.  But with a little coaching and a lot of practice, I can see a big future in this.  Or, I can just enjoy the opportunity to have some fun for now.

However, if Spielberg calls, I’ll be in my trailer.

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