Day 165 – Stage Makeup

2013.08.05 MondayFilming movies is fun because you can tell a story.  Very little of what you see on film is real.  Props, costumes and locations are creations for the benefit of the movie.  Walls are made of foam, injuries are a mixture of makeup and hair gel.  Camera angles make you look kinder, scarier, dumber, or smarter.  Lighting changes the tone of the film and editing takes simple lines of script and turns it into a compelling tale.

But life is different from that.  Life isn’t made of Styrofoam and spray paint.  Running into a brick wall leaves a mark.  Hurtful comments become personal.  Cuts and bruises to the body and soul leave scars.

It’s fun to go to the movies because it allows us 120 minutes of escape.  It’s fun to make movies because you help create that escape.  But it is hard to return to reality, whether you are coming from the theater seats or the sound stage.

Life is hard, either way.