Day 167 – A Full Day of Work

2013.08.07 WednesdayThis was an interesting day.  I heard the bus pull up to our house and remembered that our kids don’t go to high school any more.  I stood in front of the big flowers in the front flower bed (have no idea what they are called) and remembered that LAST year was the last time we would take “first day of school” pics in front of this blooming beauty.

To make it better, though, it dawned on me that my kids were all working today.  My oldest was already out the door to manage his store.  My middle child would be getting up soon to do her nanny job.  My youngest would rise shortly after that to help work the morning crowd at his coffee shop job.  All three kids are (fairly) productive members of society.  They earn incomes.  They pay bills.  And soon, two of them will be leaving the nest for a place of their own.

Perhaps all those years of hard work, blood and tears are starting to pay off.

So the school bus can stop and then it can move on to its next location because we’ve got it covered here.  It’s just another full day of work for the Austin Clan.