Day 168 – A Parking Machine

2013.08.08 ThursdayThis was a fun day.  My wife and I attended the Global Leadership Summit at our church and it was a great program.

As part of our “discounted” ticket, we agreed to help with some of the logistics of the event.  As a host site, our church welcomed 2,000 people and this required help in areas of greeting, snack set up, clean up and parking.

I volunteered for parking duty on the first day.  In 13 years of volunteering at this church, I’ve done it all.  I’ve mowed the yard and written curriculum.  I’ve performed in dramas and served communion.  But I’ve never directed traffic.

After 75 minutes of this task, I knew I’d found my calling.  It was the highlight of my day.  Hundreds of cars carrying two thousand people drove past and my neon-orange flag was waiving the entire time.  I sent them into spots, directed them to the back lot and did it all with a smile.

It was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again!  If you ever get the opportunity to direct traffic, you should do it.  Heck, do it on your own.  You don’t need anything but a flag and a vest.  Step into Kroger’s parking lot and just send people different directions.  You have power, authority and control.  It’s amazing.