Day 193 – Another Labor Day, Another Summer Ended

2013.09.02 MondayI don’t know about you, but when Labor Day ends, I feel that summer is almost over as well.  I know we’ll have another heat wave, we always do.  But the major part of the summer has ended.

And we spent the last three-day weekend working hard, playing hard and resting when it mattered.

For instance, I ran another 1.62 miles today and would have gone farther but my app didn’t turn on and I had no idea what my time or my miles were tallying.

We spent the afternoon with my in-laws.

We spent the evening finishing up the new flower bed for the yard.  We spent the night out on the back porch, enjoying the cool night are that is so uncommon for this time of year.

It was a great weekend.  It was a great summer.

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