Day 226 – Back in the Yard

2013.10.07 - MondayIt’s been several weeks since I’ve needed to mow my back yard.  And yet, out of the blue, the grass was taller, thicker and greener than its been all year.  It could be the 17 inches of rain we’ve received over the week but I’m not horticulturalist.

Please understand, I’m not complaining.  I love to mow; especially when I’m mowing more than crab grass.  And this yard was perfect tonight.  Even Sid was loving the smell of the new-mown hay!

My GPS tracker reported that I pushed my little electric mower three miles during my landscaping workout.  It felt good to move, mow and mix it up with the fescue.

I would guess the cool weather and the wet conditions are exactly what my yard needed to flourish.  I know I’m happier so I’m not surprised when the yard shows its appreciation by growing several inches.