Day 228 – Eating Alone

2013.10.09 - Wednesday

There are some days when I land at home and think to myself, “That was a good day.”  These days typically contain work that was productive, meetings that were congenial and a warm embrace from my family when I walk in the door.

But some of my days end with an inner conversation that begins with, “What were you thinking?”  or “What the heck was that?!”  These days are a result of failed meetings, hurtful words, and dinner alone on my back porch.

Today was one of those latter days.  I got very little done today and had two meetings, one of them resulted in the need to be direct with a coworker in order to move forward a project that is languishing.  To make the day that much worse, I came home to an empty house.   No hugs and no kisses. While I love the left-over chicken and the baked potato, I miss my wife and eating alone on the patio isn’t as enjoyable as it might seem.

This day wasn’t terrible…just not stellar.  It was a good day…but not great.  I got a lot done but the work I accomplished wasn’t a lot of fun.  I completed several professional tasks and helped around the house by folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher.  But my day was anything but a barrel of laughs.  For me, this was a day that started strong and ended lonely, both professionally and personally.  

But I am confident tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow will be the day that I shine.  I can feel it.

Until tomorrow, does anyone want to come over for some late-night ice cream and a glass of wine?