Day 267 – Past Talents

20131116_Making ProgressIt’s been quite a while since I’ve held an artist’s brush in my hands.  But it sure feels good.  Painting a scene, especially from a photograph that I’ve taken, is a joy I cannot express.

In my high school days, I nearly always drew from another person’s work, whether that was a photograph or painting.  I didn’t know that I could create original works of art.

In college, we worked so hard completing assignments that we rarely had the luxury of taking our time and making a painting or print for pleasure.

Today, I can wander up to the studio and carefully put down another layer of paint, slowly watching the work come to life and enjoying every minute of the process. Sure, it’s no “Bob Ross” but I like it.

Is there something in your life that you do, just for fun?  It will never be a source of income, it might never win any awards, but you love it just the same?  Perhaps it is playing piano or knitting sweaters or cooking.  It could be landscaping the perfect yard or hitting a golf ball close to the pin.  Whatever you love, take a moment today and do that, please.  It will change the way you live and soften your heart.

I promise.

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