Day 277 – The Cone

2013-11-27I drove to North Judson yesterday to visit my friend, Dave.  What I found when I arrived was, to say the least, troubling.  Dave’s dog, Peyton is forced to wear a Cone because of a resent surgery.  For you animal lovers, this is nothing new.  A dog will tend to lick and bite at their stitches and surgical wounds.  It’s a natural instinct.  The Cone prevents them from reaching the wound and keeps them from getting infection.  It’s as if the wound wasn’t there in the first place.

But I thought about this canine-mounted satellite dish all the way home.  How many times would I have benefited from a Cone of my own?  Not for surgical scars but for wounds that fester in my heart and mind!  The Cone would come in handy in so many situations.  Imagine: Do you have a dark thought, boiling in your mind and heart?  Slip on the cone and that thought disappears from view.   Do you hold a grudge that just eats away at you?  There’s a Cone for that.  Anger and pride?  The Cone is the Answer!  Jealousy and hate?  One Cone around your neck and all the world is at peace.

It might not be a very practical idea but I would pay any amount of money to have the freedom from worry, the liberation from distraction.  I might swing by the vet’s today and see if they could spare a Cone.