Day 283 – Fountain Flow

2013-12-03 fountainI love the sound of water flowing.  There is nothing that touches my heart more than sitting at the edge of a wooded stream, taking in the quiet trickle as the water gently trickles over rock and stone.

I’ve tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) for the past few years to re-create this sound and look in my own back yard.  Every time I think I have the perfect arrangement of fountain, stone and pond, something comes along to mess it up.  Once, my dog.  Another time clogged fountain.  Most recently, a big leak.

It is disheartening to look out and see that the flow of my fountain has stopped.  There is no sound.  There is no movement:  Just stagnant water.

You can guess where this is going – Life is like a fountain.  It requires constant vigilance to keep the water flowing, unhindered, unblocked, creating the beautiful harmony of nature and peace.  It might run clear for a while but eventually you have to plunge your hands into the pool and pull out the debris that clogs the filter.  And above all else, always, ALWAYS keep the dog out of it!

And so, today I worked on the fountain once again.  I removed the leaking element, cleaned the filter, filled the pool to full and sat back look at the finished product.  I moved rocks, rearranged elements to get the perfect sound; peace.

When is the last time you worked on your fountain?  When is the last time you worked on your life?