Day 284 – The Most Wonderful Time of Year?

2013-12-04 TreeThis was an interesting evening.  We decorated our tree and found that with each special ornament, there were tears running down our cheeks.  This was, after-all, the first year we’ve decorated without our children helping.

Both boys moved out earlier this year and that took them both out of the picture.  Our daughter’s work and social calendar made it impossible for her to join us.

And so, my wife and I pulled out the Christmas boxes and unpacked the bulbs, bobbles and gems…all by ourselves.  To make matters worse, our tradition of trudging into the wilderness to pick the perfect tree was replaced by a plastic and wire version.

It was a very sober evening.  Sure the lights are on but the hearth is a little cold this Christmas Season.

The problem was that each ornament represented a point in time, a fond memory, a special moment:  Baby’s First Christmas, Christmas 1998, First Lost Tooth, etc.  It was quite a struggle to realize that the family tree tradition had ended.

But I realized something fantastic as the evening progressed:  While we say goodbye to some traditions, this provides an opportunity to create all new traditions.  It is a new beginning for my wife and I.  Finding purpose beyond the children and beyond work will be the new goal.

Merry Christmas!