Day 286 – Bagels and Blogs

Oh, anyone can do the ol’ Bagels and Books gig.  But I’m taking it up a notch…by doing Bagels and Blogs!  I’m knocking out blogs left and right and knocking down bagels with a bottomless cup of coffee all along the way.

As you know, this blog is designed to track my progress toward a lighter, better version of myself.  I’m less than 80 days away from my one-year goal and haven’t knocked one single pound off this frame (well, that’s not true because I’ve both lost and found the same 7 lbs multiple times over the past 9 months).  But, in my defense, I have taken many positive steps, both literally and figuratively of those same 9 months.  I’ve signed up for the gym membership and actually go there every other day or so.  I’m currently sore all over and my sources (Internet and Facebook) say this is a good sign.  I writing daily.  I seeking wisdom and counsel from men and women who prove themselves to offer sage advice.  I read constantly and just completed my 35th book since January; everything from history to novels to biographies.  I’ll post my list from 2013 in January.

In the words of Bob, “I’m doing the work!  I’m not a slacker!”

Now if I can just get this body of mine under control, I’d be miles ahead (both literally and figuratively).