Day 287 – Like a Fish

20131206_144417There are times when I feel that I live in a fish bowl.  My world is very small and I do nothing more than swim in endless circles amazed at the new scenery with each pass because of my short memory.

For instance, yesterday I said AT LEAST three stupid things.  I remember them every easily because they sounded stupid to me as soon as I said them.  They were not meant to be hurtful but could have been interpreted that way.  They were not an attempt to be funny or glib.  I was just talking.  They were words that escaped my mouth before my brain could create a filter and save me from certain embarrassment.

And let’s be honest, those are only the three statements that I’m aware of.  How many more things did I say that were insensitive or hurtful and yet I have no idea?

I want, so very much, to be a person who speaks words of support, care and love.  I desire more than anything to be a man who offers encouragement and warm thoughts every time I open my mouth.  And, in my defense, as a rule I’m pretty good at this.  But every day, at least once or twice, my memory fades and I swim into the same pattern:  Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

It is as if I never learn that the bowl is round and perhaps I could swim a new direction.