Day 299 – The Magic is Gone

2013-12-20Only days before it was a winter wonder land.  Tonight I arrive home to find this massacre, this crime scene, this horrific holiday happening.

There on my front yard, where once Frosty stood and waved defiantly at my neighbor’s twinkling lights and animatronic Christmas Moose, now resides an over-sized snow ball, two sticks, a hat and a really bad tie.  There’s no easy way to say it:  Frosty is Dead.

That’s the thing about Indiana weather.  Yesterday, two feet of snow.  Today, tropical breezes blow.  (Feel free to use that if you want.)

It’s also the thing about life (I’ve discovered this week).  Some times my life is full of stress, frustration and trials.  The next day, everything seems to have worked itself out.  Everything is suddenly blue skies and tropical breezes.  Other times, life is moving along without a care and then suddenly it’s blizzards, snow drifts and closed roads.

The take away is that, while the magic of the day might be gone right now, it comes back.  The winds of change will ensure it.