Day 300 – A New View of Rudolph

20131214_080344Today was interesting.  It was the first time that I’ve ever butchered a deer.  But my father took a doe yesterday and asked if I would like some of the meat.  When I enthusiastically  responded, he then said I would just need to help process the deer.

And so, on this raining Saturday morning, I found myself sitting with my father and uncle in a Union City garage, carefully slicing deer steaks and roasts and preparing them for the freezer and many wonderful meals over the next year.  In the end, I came away with nearly 35 lbs of meat.  It was beautifully red and perfectly textured.  Bags and bags of stew meat await my oven casserole in the coming days of 2014.

It was an amazing gift from my father.  Not only the meat, but the opportunity to sit with these two men for the morning.  They told stories, laughed easily and cut meat non-stop for four hours.

Merry Christmas, Rudolph!