It’s Not Really Saying Goodbye…

20131227_124950 If you’ve ever met them, you know that John and Pam are two people who exude talent and live gentle lives of passion and grace.  They are creative people who are fully committed to one another, God and their cats (but not in that order).

John and Pam have a calling to make movies that change lives.  They’ve worked hard to accomplish this monumental vision in Indiana and in the process, they’ve proven their skill and have been most successful in their en devour.

20131227_124935However, after 17 years in Indiana, they’ve decided to pull up stakes and take their talent on the road.  By next month they will begin a new adventure in their lives.  Before they could begin, they had to accomplish an even harder task of packing and moving.  They are special people and I was happy to help them but sad to say goodbye.

20131227_105218And so, the packing started early this morning, and in the span of three short hours a team of dedicated friends packed every one of their worldly belongings into a very large trailer.  It wasn’t an easy task: It required a little pushing, a little prodding and a little gymnastics.  However, shortly after noon we closed the door on the trailer and started saying our goodbyes.

As I drove away from their former home, it occurred to me that saying goodbye didn’t feel quite right.  It really isn’t saying goodbye; it’s more like see you later.  This realization gave me comfort.  After all, they are leaving Indiana but not my life.  They are not out of my life, only relocated.  They are not out of touch, only out of state.

And so, I drove home with a lightened heart, knowing my friends are pursuing their calling and it will only be a matter of days before they are settled into their new home and changing the world, one movie at a time.  We’ll talk again, I have no doubt;  and when we do, I can’t wait to hear how they got that couch out of the truck without a group of circus acrobats and an industrial crowbar.