Day 309 – Shaping Up Fine

20131229_162712Did I mention that I make a mean banana bread?  I sent a loaf to work with my wife and she reports that it was very well received.

I wasn’t surprised.  3/4 cup of brown sugar and 8 very ripe bananas are covered with a tablespoon of sugar and thrown into a bowl with some flour and baked for 60 minutes.  What wouldn’t be good about that?

It is a simple recipe that has a killer result…if you get it right.  Leave out the sugar and see what you get.  Forget the flour and let’s see what happens.  I suspect it won’t be nearly as appetizing.

I’ve tried doing that this year with my life.  I’ve tried to follow a simple recipe of eating less and exercising more, with a little mental and spiritual growth thrown in for good measure.  I’ve tried to become more active and less slothful with the final goal of becoming “fit as a fiddle and ready for love”.  (15 points to the person who knows that reference.)

But I’ve left out some important ingredient.  I’ve either eaten too much or exercised not enough.  I’ve watched too much TV and moved too little because I’m no where near my goal and, in fact, am farther away than when I started.

But like any good cook, you try again and again until you get it right.  Practice makes perfect.  As the saying goes, you have to break a few eggs if you want to make the perfect omelet.  Perhaps its the dozens of eggs I’ve eaten that are the problem?