Day 310 – What is That?

20131228_114221The other day we went for a walk and I found this beautiful item on the top of a log.  I’m sure it is a lichen of some sort but who, other than some brainiac fungologist, would know what it is?

And as I stopped to take this still-life photograph (which was extremely easy because this life was very still), I started to wonder about the millions of items in my world that are nothing more than an odd curiosity to me.  A myriad of life forms, technologies, and creations surround me.  How many things do I look over because they are strange to me?  How many times have I turned a blind eye to things both strange and wonderful?

I hope that this new year will be different than the last.  I want to see clearly those magical elements of the universe; both the microscopic and cosmic.  I want to stop and smell roses, or daisies, or petunias…whatever is handy.

This world is filled with beauty, if only we stop and take a closer look.