Day 351 – Will It Ever End?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome experiments produce amazing results.  The research finds a cure for a disease.  The engineers develop stronger building materials.  The teachers create better teaching methods.

This is not one of those successful experiments.  My journey to 50 ends in less than two weeks and unfortunately, it is a failed experiment.

I am now heavier than I was when I started this program.

I’m disappointed by my work.

In the past few months I’ve developed knee pain and difficulty walking which has kept me from the gym.

I haven’t written in nearly a month.

In short, turning 50 hasn’t been the exciting transformation I’d hoped for.  Perhaps it is time to write of this past 1/2 a century and look forward to the next 50 years…Yah!  That’s it!  That’s the way this story ends!

The first 50 years were nothing more than a practice run.  Now that I’m experienced and well versed in all things Austin, I’m ready to move forward into the best years of my life.

Like the snow that continues to fall in Central Indiana, I know that someday the Spring will arrive.  Some day, the sun will shine on green grass and budding Tulip, poking their new shoots through last year’s mulch.  So it is with me.  I’m leaving the winter of my discontent and moving into the blazing sun of a new season of my life.

Look out world, here I come!