Escaping Winter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe desperately needed the break.  We had to get away.  In a winter that never seems to end, that is breaking all local records for snowfall, we had to flee the cold and ice.  We had to get away.

Tired of gray skies, weekly snow falls, winter weather advisories and sub-zero temperatures, my wife and I packed up the car, turned south and drove.

We made no reservations.  We had no agenda.  We were without a plan.  We just drove, as fast as possible.

After a few short hours, we couldn’t drive any further; we hit the Gulf of Mexico and the gentle, tropical breezes.  So we stopped, kicked off our shoes and sat on the warm beaches to watch the sunset and soak up the rays of an inviting, setting sun.

The days away went too fast.  It was glorious and much needed.  I’ve never thought of myself as a snowbird but now I see the benefits.  We enjoyed a mental break and might need to make this a regular part of our late winter plans for years to come. This little drive might just get us through the remainder of this long, cold winter.

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