Day 365 – Ending The Experiment, Starting the Journey

2014-02-21 06.23.14Today ends one year of a valid attempt to make changes in my life before I hit the big 5-0 mile marker.  For those of you following this adventure, you know that I wanted to be more active, lose weight, and find a healthier emotional center.  Unfortunately, after 365 days, I weigh 5 pounds more than when I started and have been unable to overcome some personal and emotional obstacles in my daily routine.

However, this does not mean that my Journey to 50 ends at 50. Despite the failure to reach my three original goals a year ago, I want to take a moment and examine the things that were successful over the course of this past year.  They weren’t stated goals but they were milestones and ones that give me reason to be proud

  1. I became better connected to my good friends.
  2. I visited Houston for the first time.
  3. I visited Galveston and ate oysters in the half-shell for the first time.
  4. We hit the Final Friday’s at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for the first time.
  5. We worked on remodeling the kitchen.
  6. I enrolled in Indiana East to pursue a Bachelors in Communication.
  7. We ate dinner in a Ethiopian restaurant for the first time with dear, wonderful friends.
  8. We watched our youngest walk across the stage and graduate from High School.
  9. I learned how to roast the perfect chicken.
  10. We traveled to the mountains (Denver).
  11. I witnessed a real-life man hunt.
  12. I was in a full-length movie (to be released this Sunday).
  13. I created a beautiful back yard.
  14. I ran a 5K.
  15. I started painting again.
  16. I started hitting the gym.
  17. We built the best snow man EVER!
  18. I traveled to the beach (Mobile).
  19. Survived another year.

Looking back, I can say with confidence that it was a very good year.  And starting tomorrow, a new 1/2 century begins.  I have 50 years of practice under my belt.  The next 50 years will give me an opportunity to put all those lesson’s learned and skills honed to very good use.

This site stays up and running.  The name will change and the purpose will shift but the fun will continue!  Feel free to come along for the ride.