Almost Twins

Almost Twins
My brother and I celebrating my nephew’s wedding (2012). Photo courtesy of Kelly Kanedy Schwindt (

For 10 days of every year, my brother and I are the same age.  I say that we are twins during those days.  My daughter says I don’t understand the meaning.

I disagree.  I mean, obviously, we look freakishly alike.  We share the same humor (twisted).  We enjoy similar taste in books, music and have actually found that we do similar things at the same time, without talking to one another about it.

For instance, a few years ago I started riding a stationary bike and reading some of the classic books that I never read in school, despite the assignments (sorry Mrs. Washler).  The next time we were together, my brother mentioned that he’d started riding a stationary bike and reading the classics that he actually DID read in school but wanted to re-read because they were so great (teacher’s pet).  We both were reading the same books, in almost the same order, at almost the exact same time!

Freaky, right?  But the similarities don’t end there:

  1. Todd was born on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  I was born on George Washington’s birthday.
  2. Todd plays the guitar and sings.  I play the radio and hum along.
  3. Todd sky dives.  I look up at planes that pass overhead.
  4. People like Todd.  I like Todd.
  5. Todd is artistic.  I visit museums.
  6. Todd use to own a pick up truck.  I want to own a pick up truck.

We couldn’t be any more alike if we tried.  Like I said, and despite my daughter’s protests, we are almost twins!

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  1. Regardless of twinship claims you both are remarkable men who have an impact where ever you go, sometimes a messy impact but always memorable experience to be with you, love ya both.


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