Consolidating Effort

20140310_081912For the past few years I’ve worked hard to write regularly, posting to four different blogs, each with its own focus.  Perhaps you’ve read some of the work.

You may have prayed with Prayers for a Fool.

You may have taken time to Study Along With Me.

It’s also possible that you helped me through my Journey to 50.

However, after much thought and reflection, I’ve decided to consolidate my efforts.  Rather than creating daily posts for four different blogs, my stories, thoughts and prayers will appear here.  Austin’s Acre will be the primary page for all my writing.

If you’ve come to visit from one of the other pages, Welcome.   I trust that the new look and content will be interesting to you.  Please feel free to scroll down and click the “Follow This Blog” button.  You’ll receive updates by email every time a new post finds its way to the front page.

Look for more posts to come your way and feel free to ask questions or offer feedback.  I would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Consolidating Effort

  1. I’m glad you’re consolidating, until now I didn’t even know the others existed. It’s like eating pepperoni pizza, it’s good, but now I have a ROYAL FEAST!


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