Understanding the Scriptures

cropped-20131117_after-the-storm-3.jpgLuke 24:45 – “Then he opened their mind to understand the scriptures.

Re-read this passage and think about it for a moment.

As it stands alone, this verse reveals that there were people who lived within the mystery of Holy Words; blinded with ignorance, shadowed from a full understanding of great truth. Men and women failed to comprehend the reality of God’s Holy Word, Divine Spiritual Truths and Passages of Power, all touched by the finger of God. It’s sad.

What makes this verse fascinating to me is that it is located smack-dab between the Resurrection and the Ascension of Christ. Jesus is the man who opened the minds. The Disciples, the Apostles, his closest followers for the past three years are those who have lived with darkened understanding of the scriptures. Who would have guessed this?

Who would have guessed that these students of Christ, prior to the moment of this passage, were unable to grasp the truth of the Bible? Oh, sure, they might read the Bible in Sunday school but they were left scratching their collective heads. They might pull open the Holy Scrolls in the synagogue but remained bewildered at best.

Does this sound familiar? Do you relate to the disciples in this Sacred Stupefaction? Do you suffer from Biblical Bafflement? Do you experience Canonical Confusion? Do you have Passage Puzzlement?

It’s a common problem and now I understand why. We can study every commentary and every footnote. We may memorize every Greek or Hebrew word in the Old and New Testaments. We might parse Paul’s challenges, breakdown Peter’s admonishments, wrangle with Jesus’ parables. Yet, we remain lost in the dark about the truth hidden within.

It is only through the power of the resurrected Christ, active in our lives, that we can know the truth of the scriptures. Only through the restored-to-life-Christ can the words of the Bible come to life in our hearts and minds.

Jesus stood before his disciples, his friends, and he opened their minds. In a moment, it all became clear. It made sense to them. They understood. They gathered at the nail-scared feet of Jesus and it all fell into place.

Oh, that we might know that kind of truth today. Oh, that we might embrace the tomb-freed Christ and in so doing, suddenly understand what it’s really all about.