Beasts of Burden

2015.12.08 Beasts of BurdenDuring our recent trip to Utah, my wife and I rode horses and mules around Mt. Zion National Park.  It made it possible for us to see the beautiful mountains from an entirely different perspective.

My ride was a mule named Peekaboo.  In the words of our guide, she was “a Cowboy’s Cadillac”.  The ride was easy, allowing us to climb hill and valley without a care.  The view was grand, taking us to locations we wouldn’t otherwise traverse so easily.  The beast of burden was gentle and strong, carrying me without a care or hesitation.

The mule was not the only beast of burden on that trip.  A shuttle bus carried us from one part of the park to another.  A plane transported us 3,400 miles from Indy to Phoenix and back in a matter of hours.  A rental car moved us across the desert landscape without a care.  Our own car waited for us in the parking lot after our plane landed and it returned us to home and hearth.

Every day we use beasts of burden, either animal or mechanical, without a second thought.

As I think about the 45 minute drive to work, I have to stop and give thanks that I have the luxury of a modest vehicle to help make that trip in a matter of minutes, rather than days.  I am grateful for my car and my ability to travel with ease.


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  1. I can’t believe you riding a mule or donkey. That is what we now have in our barn. 2 donkeys and 1 mule. Doug rides them and shows in halter at several state fairs. They are lovely to have around. They are great watch-dogs as they let us know when someone pulls into our lane. Now that is more than you probably wanted to know today.


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