My List of 2016 Resolutions

coffee cupI’m not big on resolutions…probably because I’ve never kept one past early June. But I feel it is important to go on record with a few good intentions for the coming year. Here it is, January 1, 2016, and I’m going to be bold and put my goals out there for all to see. This way, you can keep me accountable. Hold my feet to the fire. Prevent me from slacking off.

  1. In 2016 I resolve to…

But first, let me just provide a little context: Resolutions are hard. This isn’t something to enter into lightly. Determining to do something life-changing, sticking to it, and succeeding is not a endeavor for the feint of heart. A person who proclaims their bold intention to move their life forward in a more positive direction must have a resolve of iron, a heart of stone, and a gizzard of champions. I have none of those things. Perhaps rather than resolve, it would be better if I were to make a few suggestions for my new year. Here we go.

  1. In 2016, I’m going to try to…

Now that I think of it, this entire resolution thing is probably a marketing venture by Hallmark in an effort to sell more sympathy cards to those who fail to live up to another year of expectations and dreams. So, rather than shoot for the entire year, what if I looked at the short game? Why set myself up for failure right from the start? My list should be highly focused and timed to provide optimal feedback, physical and emotional success. Yes. This is brilliant. Rather than a year, I’ll limit my scope and calendar, and in the end, we’ll all win.

  1. In January, I’m going to think about…

Then again, why make any kind of promise to myself in the first place? After all, I like me, darn it! (Sorry for the foul language but I’m really worked up.) Who says that I need to change? Perhaps, what some people view as character flaws and personality short-comings are actually those things that make me charming, endearing, and quirky. Isn’t it possible that the out-of-shape, over-weight, stressed out, neurotic, Netflix binge watching, Dad-Joke telling guy I’ve become is exactly who I was always meant to be?

Isn’t it possible that rather than reaching for a new me, I should embrace the current me? Isn’t it just possible that I’ve reached a level of human perfection that few ever achieve, no matter how many resolutions they make, fitness classes they attend, or smoothies they drink?

Okay, even I don’t buy that one.

  1. In 2016, I resolve to be more honest with myself about myself.
  2. I resolve to tell fewer Dad-Jokes.

It isn’t perfect, but it’s a start.  And you have start somewhere. I appreciate your support in the coming year as I work on these excellent and intentional resolutions. God Bless us all.