Inspirational Movies & You

I’m a movie buff. I enjoy great drama, exciting action, and a good story. The best movies inspire me to be better, to reach higher, or to look deeper. I’ve watched thousands of movies in my lifetime. Everything from cheesy camp to the greatest classics. I’m familiar with many of the greats. But I need your help.


Beginning this week and continuing throughout 2017, I would like to watch 52 of the most inspiring movies of all time. I already know and own a few that move me to tears each and every time I watch them: Miracle, Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, The Legend of Bagger Vance. But I need your input to make my list complete.

What movies would you suggest?  What films do you watch that move you to action, challenge your soul, change your heart?

Let’s be clear; I’m not asking for the classics (Godfather, Die Hard, Gone With The Wind, or To the Moon). I want motivating, life-changing movies. I want movies that take me from who I am and help me get to who I want to be.

Send me your suggestions and help me make 2017 a movie year to remember!

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Movies & You

  1. I don’t know about how moving it will be for you but it’s just a good movie to me anyway I can and have watched it over and over ” The Replacement ” I love it its nothing better than the pros being replaced and you get the picture


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