The Color of Spring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerhaps the most powerful aspect of changing seasons from winter to spring is the burst of color.  Sure, warmer temperatures are nice.  Of course, singing birds add a song to the air.  Yes, growing plants are better than bare branches.  But with spring’s arrival, there is a celebration of color, a parade of pigment, a hoopla of hues.

Reds, blues and greens burst forth where just weeks before there was nothing more than dark browns and grays.

Violet, magenta and yellow expand and blossom with each passing day, replacing a blah background of winter’s sad colorless world.

Of course, with the color comes the work.  However, mowing a few times a week is a small price to pay to have a carpet of green grass return from the dead.  Trimming back expanding branches is no burden when I can spend the evenings lounging in the shade of the Maple’s verdant canopy.  Pulling some weeds in the garden beds is a price well-paid for the beauty of daffodils and tulips that spot the landscape with color.

The rainbow of color never ends in this season I love.  And I am so very grateful.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

kDear Lord of Light,

As the weight of the world builds in our hearts, may we breathe in your goodness and breathe out our pain.

As the chaos of our work week accumulates all around, may we breathe in your order and breathe out our frustration.

May we breathe deep the breath of God.  May we take into our very being your grace and peace.  May we be enveloped by your sweet fragrance of love and mercy.


Confidence and Calm

IMG_4208Dear Heavenly Father,

As the clouds roll in and the rain pours down, may we stop and listen to the thunder and know your majesty.  May we listen to the patter of the rain and know your concern for the details.

May the storm and the rain convince us of your ability to handle the situations that weigh heavy on our hearts.

May the wind and the water remind us of your knowledge of our position and your desire to handle every part of the problem.

May we turn our eyes to the sky and our hearts to you.


A Prayer for Emily

017Father God,

You know my heart and my desire for my daughter’s safe return.

Even as I write this, she is over the Atlantic, winging her way back home.

May her journey be an event of a life time, but her travels uneventful.

May her memories of her trip be sweet and her desire to be home even sweeter.

May the care she provided to those in need change their lives, just as it has changed her own.

Grant her peace.


The Game of Life

IMAG3381Wise God,

There are so many times that it seems this life is nothing more than a game.  We must determine what pieces should be moved and if we choose wrong, we pay the price.

There are other times that we feel that we are nothing more than pawns and some cosmic force is sending us around the board against our will.

Either way, we are unskilled in the rules.  We are ill-equipped to play.  We are out of practice and over-matched.

And so, today, we ask that you would help us understand the point.  Give us insight into the plan.  Lead us in your wisdom that we might win, even one small battle.