Unite / Untie

I noticed the other day that if you shift just a couple letters, you can change the entire word.  In … More

Hiding in The Open

Luke 19:10  “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” When I was a boy … More

Life’s a Party

We all want the party, the cake, the singing, the presents. But no one wants to clean up the mess … More

A Sunday Shout-Out

I’d like to give a little “shout-out” to all my pastor friends today. Some serve in little country churches and … More

Something’s Happening

I told you about it last year and it’s happening again! My church (and don’t let anyone tell you different…this … More

Jesus Hates?

Sunday School teachers let me down. Sermons have failed to inform. All my seminary training disappointed. Despite hundreds of hours … More

A Prayer for Our Teens

Dear and Mighty God, You are bigger than the mountains, more powerful than the rolling tide, greater than any army.  … More