Thank you for Friday

Food CourtGreat God,

For many, this day signals the end of a work week and the beginning of a break.  And, if we are honest, we are so very grateful when it arrives.

But we ask that you would help us to remember that the majority of people around this globe have no weekend.  They get no satisfaction from this day of the week.

And so we pray for those who provide services to the rest.  We pray for those who labor without breaks in their week, simply to feed their families.  We offer grace to those who do not know a day of rest.

As we take for granted our ease, may we be constantly reminded of those who do not enjoy this same luxury.


The Size of It All

100_9387Dear Lord Above,

I am constantly amazed by this big world.  I am dwarfed by its majesty and grandeur.

At the same time, I marvel at the delicate flower petals that push through the snow and examine closely the colors of a butterfly wing.

You have made an amazing planet.  From the tallest mountain peaks to the lowest bug under a tomato leaf, you have created it all.

Thank you for this place.  Thank you for its beauty.  Thank you for the never-ending wonder it provides.


A Prayer for Syria

Lord of Life,

On the other side of the world, a nation is in turmoil.

The people fight for freedom.

They fight against an evil dictator.

They fight for justice.

They fight for release from oppression.

They fight for liberty.

In the process, families are torn apart.  Children die.  Homes are destroyed and chaos reigns.

We pray for the nation of Syria.  We pray for the people that they might know victory.  We pray for the government that it might put down its weapons, release its iron grip, and hear the cry of its people.