Another Monday

035Dear God,

I’m not sure what this day might bring.  It could be filled with wonderful encounters or difficult questions.  It might be full of rain or blazing sun.  It may bring good news or troubling findings.

But you do know.  You know that my challenges are nothing for you.  You know that the seasons change but you never do.  You know that no matter what might come, you are capable of handling the situation.

And so, I put my trust in you this day.  I give you my expectations and my concerns.  I hand over my agenda.

I follow you into the fray.


The Long View

WWLDear God,

Please help me to see the bigger picture.

Please help me to understand that there is more to this life than this very moment, this pain, this frustration, the struggle, this mountain to climb, this valley of darkness.

Please open my eyes to the greater journey.

Remind me that there have been and there will be again, brighter days, happy events, lifting laughter, easy travel, straight paths and carefree journeys.

Please help me to see the long view.


The Game of Life

IMAG3381Wise God,

There are so many times that it seems this life is nothing more than a game.  We must determine what pieces should be moved and if we choose wrong, we pay the price.

There are other times that we feel that we are nothing more than pawns and some cosmic force is sending us around the board against our will.

Either way, we are unskilled in the rules.  We are ill-equipped to play.  We are out of practice and over-matched.

And so, today, we ask that you would help us understand the point.  Give us insight into the plan.  Lead us in your wisdom that we might win, even one small battle.


The Birds of the Air

Sandhill cranes at Webster“What is the price of two sparrows–one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.”  Matthew 10:29

Dear Lord,

We are thankful that you know every feather of every bird.

You know every hair on our head.

You know every ache in our heart.

You feel every pain in our bones.

You see when we stumble.

You hear our cry.

May we trust in your all-knowing, all-loving presence this day.