A Call to Action

Dear Lord of Heaven and Earth,

Last night was cold.  While I slept warm and snug in my bed, there were people sleeping on the streets, under bridges and in doorways:  People in this very town slept under the stars and exposed to the winter chill.  They are unknown to me.  They are a problem for some government agency to fix.  They are people who would benefit from a program of some sort.

I’m praying today because I realize that these people are not unknown to you.  You know them by name.  If they matter to you, they should matter to me.  If they are precious in your sight, they should be precious in my own.

And so I pray that you will lead me to action.  Guide me to caring.  May I know how to act on your behalf before another blanket of bone chilling cold settles this night.

I pray.


Prayer for Healing of the Body

Nature1_0003Dearest Jesus,

There are those today who will awake in pain.

Their bodies suffer from aches that are too great.

Their mental well-being is effected by their suffering.

Their relationships are marred by their inability to concentrate on anything but their affliction.

With your healing touch, may they know a day of ease.

With your gentle hand, may they find healing for their bones.

May their inner soul know rest because of your power and grace.