Day 80 – Mothers’ Day

2013.05.12Today is Mothers’ Day and my kids (when they are good they are Mine) did something very special for their mother today.  First, they all dressed up and came to church with her.  She loves to have her family together and it made the day very special.

Second, they took her to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and enjoyed the exhibits and the grounds.

As I write this, they are preparing Salmon and Vege’s with a salad of spinach and strawberries.

While they were all out gallivanting around the county, I stayed home to mow my yard, set out the lawn chairs and do what I do best:  Yard Work.

In the end, I walked four miles, pushing the mower, weed eater and blower the entire time.  It was a good work out!

I think we all had a great day when all was said and done.

Day 79 – Prepping the Peppers, Cooking the Coffee

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday was quite full.

We started our morning by working on kitchen cabinets and drawers.  The kitchen make-over is moving forward, whether we want it to or not.

After a quick shower and change, we drove to my in-laws’ home for some lunch (I ate several pieces of Vege pizza and a good salad) and a chat.  My father-in-law was quick to show of his square foot garden, filled with onion sets, cucumbers and radishes.  It was a nice visit.

Next we drove to my parents’ home for a visit.  While my wife and mother sat in the living room talking, my dad and I went to the garage to work on a table saw that needed some prep work before he delivers it to my garage in a couple weeks.

We made our way home, stopping to pick up some sushi and a bottle of wine for our late dinner.  We watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader to end our evening.

It was really a very nice day…However, one thing did stand out to me.  We traveled to Randolph County to visit mothers and I spent more time with fathers.  This isn’t completely unusual in the case of my family, as my dad always has a project or two that we can attend.  But at both places, both Fathers received more time than the Mothers.

It isn’t good or bad.  It just is what it is.  I’m sure on Father’s Day, the Mothers will get their turn.

The bad part of the story is that I didn’t walk, run or otherwise move my body.  It was definitely a day with more input than output.

I see a yard that needs mowing tomorrow, and my kids have kicked me out when it comes to celebrating with their mother (as if I didn’t have anything to do with their birth).  So I’ll have the day to myself and the yard is calling my name.  I see a full afternoon of walking in my future, and I’m very happy about that!

Day 64 – A Thing of Beauty

2013.04.26After a very long week of work and two or three long weeks without spending time away with my lovely wife, we FINALLY took an evening for ourselves.

It was a wonderful evening, enjoying Final Fridays at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, quiet conversation, and a wonderful dinner at Macaroni Grill.

We actually stayed out past 9:00 o’clock.  Yes, we are that wild and crazy couple.

The funny thing is that during our evening out, we remembered something  that we’ve remembered a hundred times before:  We Are All We Have and This Relationship Takes Time and Intention.

So often, way too often, we spend all our energies on the kids, the house, the yard, our work, our parents…but forget to spend time on what matters most – Our Relationship.  We fail to listen.  We forget to talk.  We pass one another quickly in the morning.  We land at home in the evening, breathless and tired, without really spending time together.

Our relationship, when it is at its worst, happens by accident.  Our relationship, at its best, happens when we slow down, put aside those things that will be there tomorrow or are not important at all, and look at one another closely, listen carefully, and love deeply.

My wife and I looked at a piece of modern art on the 4th floor of the IMA.  We analyzed it for a while and then she said with a laugh, “I really don’t like this…I just think that I could do that…if I wanted to.”  And I had to agree with her.  It seemed too simple.  It appeared too random.  But, the more we looked at the canvas, the color, the shapes, the brush strokes…the more we saw the subtle changes of direction, the amazing layers of color that were not accidental but, in fact intentional.  Some areas were thick with medium built up over days, weeks and months.  Others were thin to the point of exposing the raw canvas.  After a few more careful minutes of inspection, we realized that this piece of art took many, many hours and years of practice.  It didn’t happen by accident.  It could only be successful because of the intentionality and plan of the artist.  We stepped back with a fresh perspective and we both agreed that this was a nice piece of art.

I’m thankful for the times when our relationship receives the same careful attention.  The outcome is always a work of art.