Closed for the Season

Thanks to the generosity of neighbors, we were able to visit the last Symphony on the Prairie event of the … More

2 Questions

1.  If you could change one thing…just ONE thing about yourself, what would it be? 2.  What’s stopping you?

Happy Waitangi Day!!

This is a day that has its roots when British Officials signed a document in 1840 founding New Zealand as … More

Oh, The Humanity!

The storm blew in from the north and took our patio furniture with it.  We’ve replaced the table once before … More

A Walk in the Wind

A couple of years ago we made our way to Yellowstone and it was the best trip we’ve ever taken. … More

Happy 4th of July!

This is a big day.  It is a birthday celebration!  For 235 years our country has been celebrating freedom and … More

A Gift and a Curse

Summer is in full swing.  The flowers have moved past the spring bloom and now the warm weather provides the … More

Happy Father’s Day

Today’s church offered some readings, a dance, some fantastic music and splatter paintings.  I’ve been going to church for 47 … More

The Guitar Man

Ben’s love for music continues to grow and his willingness to perform and his ability are growing as well. Ben … More