Day 49 – Enjoying the Sky

2013.04.11I spend much of my life looking to the sky.  There is nothing that means more to me than a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  Cloud formations bring me to a stop.  Constellations get my attention.  Formations of geese, ducks or crane give me pause.

I love looking up.

But this can often result in awkward moments.  Like when I fall over a crack in the sidewalk because my eyes were gazing to the sky, instead of watching the journey of my feet.

That’s really what this Journey to 50 is about, right?  I can’t dream that my body will have a different shape.  I have to pay attention to each step along the way.  I have to concentrate on the path before me, rather than liking the idea and allowing my feet to wander where the prettiest sky might be.

While I’ve stumbled a bit…I still have maintained my weight.  Over the past few months of 2012, my size slowly increased.  A pound was added here, an inch there.  But for the past 6 weeks, I’ve lost and maintained my weight!  I am moving more and eating less and pretty soon, my Journey will be headed in the right direction!