Day 291 – Finishing the Semester

2013-12-10 Final PaperI’m hard at work on my last paper of the semester.  The paper is worth 215 points but, thankfully, the professor broke down the total points into small junks.  I only need another 75 points to end the semester with a 99.8%:  Not perfect, but good enough for me.

This class has challenged my intellect and my stamina.  It seems like I’ve been studying this material for nearly four months…Oh, wait; I have.

When I reported at dinner that taking one class a session will allow me to graduate in six or seven years, my daughter asked if, “For someone your age…” does that feel like a long time?

Oh, let’s see.  I’ll be 57 when I’m done with this degree.  My response, in the kindest tone I could muster, “It seems long, but at my age, those years go by very fast.”

There’s nothing like a little motivational speech to help you do your best.  Now back to the books.