And the Setting of the Same…


When the day comes to an end and the sun slowly drops below the western horizon, it is a good opportunity to give thanks for another day; whether it was good or bad, evil or holy.  It is a moment to reflect that our world, though filled with trouble, does not compare to those who just lost everything in the wind and rain of a storm.  Our life, though disappointing at times, does not come close to the devastation that some suffer as they learn of the violent death of their loved on on the field of battle.  Let us be thankful.  Today, we drove to work and made it home safe.  Today, we earned money to buy food, put shelter over our heads and clothes on our backs.  Today, we celebrated the rising of the sun and the setting of the same.

Rise and Shine!

Robins fill themselves with berries in preparation for Spring.
Robins are unaffected by the time change as they fill themselves with berries in preparation for Spring.

Can I ask a series of questions of you, my faithful readers?

What crazy man thought that Daylight Savings was a good idea?

What does this shift give us?

Does anyone enjoy waking up with one less hour of sleep?

Is there any reason we have to change the clocks at the un-godly hour of two in the morning?

Why can’t we change the clocks at 3:30 on Friday afternoon?

Better yet…Why can’t we just leave them the way they every other day of the year?

Thank you for your indulgence and I look forward to any and all answers.