Creative Dog Food for the Masses

Patience is a virtue. For these dogs it is more like a miracle.

If your family pets are like mine, they expect to be fed.  Daily.

So panic hit me with a sickening thud in my gut when I discovered the buckets where our dog food USUALLY is located were empty.  Matters were made worse when the drool started dropping from my Lab’s jaw.  Sydney has developed a nervous habit when she thinks food is coming; she starts to smack her lips and work up a froth of saliva until food hits the bowl in front of her.  It was obvious that I had to fix this problem quickly or we would be floating away on the bubbles of dog hunger and psychosis.

On the other hand, my Pug, Jack just dances in circles when he thinks food is due.  I think this is rather cute, so he goes hungry a lot.

But in the face of canine starvation, a drool bath and salsa dance, I knew I had to do something quickly.  I had to act.  I did what any self-respecting pet owner would do.  I made my dogs macaroni and cheese.

A breakfast made for demanding tastes.

But this wasn’t just ANY maci-cheese.  This was a creamy goodness of mixed pastas, milk, Pecorino Romano, a can of tuna for protein, one egg slightly beaten for a shiny coat, and a touch of love for good measure.  It was lovely.  It was beautiful.  It was tasty.  In fact, I was tempted to serve the leftovers to my son when he came down to breakfast.

Another satisfied customer.

The dogs ate it up and I didn’t expect anything less. But being a short-order cook for a dog has its rewards and its challenges.  I’ve barely cleaned up the dishes and I’m already starting the Tortellini for supper.