You Just Have to Dance

Anything can bring about the urge:  The birth of your daughter, the special honor at work, or maybe a beautiful spring day after a long, cold winter.  Perhaps you felt it when you graduated from high school or finished your college career.  It might have happened when you met the love of your life.  It could have been losing those first 10 pounds, giving up a bad habit, or getting that perfect job.

Whatever it is, there are times you just have to dance.

It’s possible that today could be one of those days when you hear the music deep in your bones.  Your heart will fall into rhythm.  Your spirit will soar!  So, kick off your shoes.  Bounce your head just a bit.  Strike a pose.  Turn up the stereo and let it all go.

Trust me.  It will be good for your soul!





Day 225 – Movies and More

2013.10.06 - SundayI love to go to movies.  They can be emotional, visceral events.  Today we used a gift card provided by dear friends and experienced the film, “Gravity”.


Ranking high on the tomato meter, this film earns every vote.  Bullock is amazing.  The CGI is out of this world (pun intended).  The story, while thin, is thought provoking and moving.

It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

I hope it rains more often.

Day 224 – We Did It

2013.10.05 - SaturdayToday was amazing!  Anita and I started training for today’s 5K almost ten weeks ago.  We uploaded the Couch to 5K app for our phones and started plodding along.  Today, we realized the dream.

It really is amazing to think that a couple months ago we couldn’t even run 1/2 a mile without having to stop to catch our breath.  But today we finished the race in one of our best times in weeks.  Anita reports that she had to walk and run to finish but she still finished ahead of me (passing me before the first mile marker and never looking back).  I shuffled along, only being passed by a few walkers.

But we didn’t do this for speed.  We did it for the health that we hoped to gain.  It was fantastic to prep with her and finish together.  What a great day and a wonderful running partner!