What Separates the Humans…

IMG_20170429_071642_459This is a question that has been asked for centuries. Typically, it is ended with “by the rest of the animals”, but I have a different ending to that age-old question. I would ask, What separates the humans from other humans? 

As it turns out, it can be something as little as a nylon strap.

While flying American’s friendly skies recently, I witnessed what has become a common occurrence. If you’ve traveled via means of the airlines at all, you know what I’m talking about.

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Traveling Tip: Beating Security in a Paris Airport

The window view is breathtaking.

You can’t. Don’t even try.

Well, you can try…In fact, I would like to see it.

The next time you are strolling through Charles de Gaulle, try wearing a belt buckle.  In fact, pick up a World Wrestling Championship Buckle and strap it on.  If you are more into subtle fashion, hang some extra-dangly earrings from your lobes.

Want to be more subtle?  Keep on your shoes. Leave a dime in your right pants pocket. Eat Iron-Fortified Cereal.  Then expect to be “felt up” just after walking though the metal detector. I can guarantee that unless you are Amish, you have something in or on your person that will set off the warning lights.

Of course, if you like being groped by a 300 lb French woman named Jean Pierre, then by all means, leave your watch on your arm, turn your head and cough.

Enjoy your flight.