The Most Wonderful Time

Austin’s Acre, all decked out for the season!

With the completion of the Thanksgiving feast and after a short power nap, all the western world shifts its attention to preparations for the Christmas Holiday. The next 30-days will be completely devoted to decorations, consumerism and holiday prep.

Personally, I like to spend these next 30-days listening to great Christmas music; which is why I put together my own Christmas playlist in Spotify: An Austin’s Acre Christmas. With 550 songs (and growing) you can enjoy nearly 28 hours of Christmas music bliss!  Allow your ears to be caressed by some of this century’s greatest artists like Celine Dion, Pentatonix, The Vince Guaraldi Trio, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Straight No Chaser, Elvis, The Carpenters, Nat King Cole, Burl Ives and many, many more.

You can follow this playlist and enjoy all the beautiful music beginning today. Simply follow the link to An Austin’s Acre Christmas.

Don’t let another day of the holidays slip past before making this playlist your own festive soundtrack for the season!

Remember, An Austin’s Acre Christmas is for a limited time only!

Give yourself the gift of great music today!

A View from My Back Porch: A Very Shallow Gene Pool

A frog has decided to live in my back yard fountain/pond.  We call him Gary.

I suppose this pond is the perfect location for an amphibian.  He is able to swim in the upper pool and occasionally sun himself on the rocks.  Every so often we see him hiding in the bushes.  He is safe from predators and must be doing well on the few bugs and worms in the flower bed because Gary’s grown quite a bit over the course of the summer.

Other than the occasional sighting, you would never know he is there.  He doesn’t chirp.  He doesn’t croak.  He doesn’t call out at night.  In fact, Gary is the perfect back-yard pet.

But I’m concerned for his future.  Gary has spent his entire summer hanging out by the pool but has yet to meet a girl-type-frog.  As far as I know, Gary’s never made any effort to expand the family line and the back yard pond, while pleasant in its own way, isn’t exactly a hoppin’ place for pickin’ up chicks (or frogs).

In fact, it is quite possible that Gary’s genes may end when winter arrives.  My wife is currently knitting a toad sweater and hat but I’m concerned that some day soon Gary’s lineage will end with a light snow and a cold breeze.