Day 268 – My Closet

Warning:  This post may not be appropriate for small children and the squeamish.

20131115_Clothes HorseFor the past two years, my closet has remained a place or true organization and neatness.  Unfortunately, according to my wife, it also reflects a true problem that could benefit from a 12-step program:  “Hello.  My name is Curt and I am a Clothes Horse.”

Despite my best efforts, the number of shirts and ties continues to grow in my small closet space.  To take advantage of the limited layout, I’ve found that I must be organized, pressed and ready at all times.  To that end, I spend an hour or two every week washing, pressing and organizing my clothes.  My minor OCD tendencies require that I match pants, shirt and tie for the next 10 work days, hang them in color / day order, and plan the correct belt, socks and shoes for the occasion.

Sure, it’s a little bit of work but it’s worth it.  It is the only way I can get out the door and to the office by 6:00 am each morning and be sure that I’m not wearing brown socks with black pants!  Can you imagine the humiliation that would cause?

While some areas of my life may be disorganized, my closet is not one of them.  You say I have a problem?  I say, I’ve nearly fixed the problem.  I only need three more shirts and four more ties and it will be perfect.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some shirts to iron.