A Place To Call My Own

The New Office
My new office space / spare room.

There is something about having a room to call my own.  For the past many years, I’ve either had a desk in a dark corner of a busy room or in the middle of the chaos and hubbub.  However, this past weekend we claimed my sons’ room and turned it into a space I can finally call my own.

Grandpas Chair
Made by my great-grandfather, this chair is passed down to the first Austin son of the next generation. It will stay in my home for a very long time.

In this space I will study my class work.  At this desk I will write my novel.  On this couch I will read devotions.  In my grandfather’s chair I will sit quietly and pray.

This is a holy place.  It is a holy space:  Set aside for a purpose, this room will speak to my soul and allow the creativity of my inner being to flourish.

Who knows?  I might even pick up the guitar from time to time.